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Updating HVAC System with UV Sanitation Improves Health and Fights Germs

01.05.20 12:16 PM By Brandon

We are all interested in cost-effective steps to safeguard our homes. Whether we are compromised by respiratory conditions, neat-freaks or germaphobes, it is inescapable that the average home is circulating five times as much dirty pollution* indoors as we encounter outdoors. 

But clean, healthy air is attainable in the home, and UV light can be your germ busting best friend. Though many home goods stores offer electrical air purifier appliances, UV light upgrades can do for your HVAC system what no existing air filter can. 

A one-hour appointment to install FreshAire-UV into your existing HVAC is a win-win for all members of your household. 
By powering up your HVAC system, it will work for you by

• Knocking out 99.9999 percent of the bacterial contaminants crawling the insides of your HVAC system and duct work. Beyond bacteria, 

this includes viruses and molds


• Neutralizing chemical compounds in the air that can sometimes result in serious or fatal toxicity and odors. This removes from the air in your home the smells that many of those not-so-pet-friendly air freshening sprays, plugins, and candles are masking. 


• Blasting the coil and pans with pure sanitizing UV rays, eliminating need for disinfectants.


• Absorbing harmful particulates in the air, leaving only harmless carbon and water vapor behind. 


• Extending the life of your air filters, prolonging cleanliness for up to one year, versus the semi-annual replacement and maintenance that is often forgotten. 

Contact ONE Service Pros for a healthy home HVAC upgrade to UV self-cleaning power and call now to catch our spring clean sale price of $499, saving up to $1000. Financing options are available to qualifying customers. We cannot wait to help make your home the healthiest place to live! 

$499 UV Light System Installation Coupon