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Are You Flushing These 10 Items That You Shouldn't Be?

03.12.21 12:45 PM By Brandon
Man flushing disposable wipe down toilet

Before you flush anything down the toilet, you should think twice about the potential damage you may be accidentally causing. ONE Service Pro's plumbers helped us create a list of 10 common household items that you might be flushing that may be creating lasting damage to your plumbing system.

1. Flushable Wipes

"Flushable" is in the name, but trust us when we tell you that you should NOT be flushing these wipes down the toilet. The material that the wipes are made of does not break down or dissolve quickly, so the wipes will likely clog your pipes eventually. 

2. Medication / Pills

Even though pills are meant to break down with water, the chemicals that comprise them can be very harmful to the pipes — potentially causing damage over time. The chemical break-down from the pills can also leak into the ground and water, and can be harmful to the environment.

3. Hair

In large clumps, hair can get stuck in the pipes and create a clog. Be sure to throw away any hair from cleaning your brushes or from the shower wall into the trash can!

4. Dental Floss

Similar to hair, floss can very easily get stuck in your home's plumbing system, and then catch other debris that is flushed down. In time this creates a potentially costly clog that may require service.

5. Hygiene Products

It is essential that tampons and/or sanitary pads are never flushed, because once those products are submerged in water they expand and will clog the drain. Condoms should also be placed in the trash can, as their elasticity could catch other debris in the pipes, creating another costly clog.

6. Paper Products

It may make sense that you could flush tissues, paper towels, or large amounts of toilet paper... but not all paper is equal! The material that tissues and power towels are made from do not break down and disintegrate as quick as toilet paper. Over time, with the continual flushing of these products, you could stop up your toilet.

7. Cat Litter

Cat litter is often made from clay... and when clay gets wet it molds together, then dries and hardens — which can and will damage pipework over time. Even though it might be easier to dump the cat box in to the toilet, be sure to take the extra step and throw it away!

8. Food

As food breaks down, grease and residue sticks to the side of your pipes. Over time, much like litter, this debris will harden over time and cause major clogs.

9. Toys

This may seem like a no-brainer but little children do not know any better! So be sure to teach your kids not to play with the toilet and flush toys. If a toy gets stuck in the pipes, ONE Service Pros will be happy to come fish it out... but it won't be any fun.

10. Pet Food

You've seen it on your favorite sitcom. Pet fish dies... Pet fish is flushed. Simply put, all drains do not lead to the ocean. In fact, flushing a fish can attract other scavengers into the drain! The scavengers can cause damage along with clogging the pipes. 

In short, if you ever have any doubt... just throw it out! It's better to be safe than sorry. If your toilet ever does gets clogged, ONE Service Pros will be here to flush out the problem. Be sure to subscribe to our TikTok and Instagram as well... you never know when we might drop some helpful DIY drain cleaning tips to spare you the potential pratfall of a costly repair!