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Is Your Air Conditioner Costing You Extra Money?

20.12.21 01:08 PM By Brandon

A constant battle between couples or roommates is always the temperature of the thermostat. One person is always too hot or too cold and wants to adjust the temperature the house is set on. But have you ever thought about bringing financial reasoning into the argument? Our HVAC technicians here at ONE Service Pros wanted to bring you some money saving tips that could help lower your power bill between five to fifteen percent and help be a source of reason for the temperature disagreement. 

Don't touch that dial! Constantly adjusting your thermostat is a waste of money. Have you ever noticed that when you change your temperature to a warmer or lower degree, your air conditioning system is suddenly trying harder to cool everything off than when your system is trying to maintain the same temperature. For example, if your house is set on 72 degrees and you want to change that to 68 degrees everything in your house needs to be cooled off. The walls, furniture and floors are all 72 degree so of course its going to take some extra energy and electricity to quickly cool off your home.

Are you away eight or more hours a day? If you plan to be away from home for eight or more hours a day to set the thermostat to be five to eight degrees warmer in the summer and ten to fifteen degrees cooler in the winter. This prevents your system from kicking on during the day two or three times an hour. That is a lot of electricity you are saving right there!

Be careful not to speed up the wear and tear. Just like everything else in life, unnecessary use can cause damage over time. Adjusting your temperature and causing the system to do extra work could result in premature damages that could be a pricy fix. Find a temperature that is comfortable for everyone and leave it on that temperature. 

Every time you get a little hot or cold don't automatically adjust the thermostat. Try turning the fan on, making sure you aren't wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt or grabbing a blanket. But even though you take care of your air conditioning unit it may still break and need repair. If this happens you can give ONE Service Pros a call and we will take care of all your HVAC needs.