3 Common Furnace Issues – And How to Fix Them!

When you turn on your heat – whether it’s on the first chilly day of the year or the lowest drop of the season – there’s nothing worse than realizing that your central heat isn’t working the way that it should. Fortunately, this can often be an easy fix that you can take care of yourself. Here are a few strategies to try on your own before you call our licensed pros in to help with your furnace service repair.

Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Fix it yourself

  • Is your thermostat switched to “on” instead of “auto”? When your thermostat is switched to on, your furnace blows air all of the time – even when its not heating. Try flipping the switch to “auto” – on this setting your furnace should only blow warm air.
  • Is your heat blowing warm and then blowing cold? Your furnace could be overheating… and a common cause of this often is a dirty air filter. Try cleaning or replacing your filter.
  • Thermostat on auto and clean filter but still cold air? Your pilot light might be out. You can definitely troubleshoot this yourself but many people are more comfortable calling out a tech to tackle this job.

Make ONE Call

  • If the pilot won’t stay lit or your unit is making loud noises when it comes on? You should probably just call us first.
  • If you’ve checked the list above and you’re still having troubles, your best next step is to call ONE Service Pros to come take a look.

Why isn’t my furnace kicking on?

Fix it yourself

  • First: make sure that your thermostat is turned on, that your furnace is turned on and connected to power, and check your breaker box. We know it sounds silly, but it happens!
  • If everything is on and getting power, it may be that pesky air filter. Change your filter out to see if that fixes things.

Make ONE Call

  • If the power looks good and the filter is clean, its time to call in back-up on your central heating problem. Our Pros will do an in-depth inspection to find where the issue is and make the repairs necessary to get your home cozy again.
  • Your problem can also be related to your thermostat placement – sometimes a thermostat placed too high on the wall can result in the room getting pretty chilly before the thermostat is able to detect it in and kick on. Moving your thermostat to a more optimal location is a pretty quick job that we’re happy to help with.

Why is my furnace beeping?

Your furnace making a beeping noise is just like the check engine light on your car’s dashboard – it’s telling you that something needs to be fixed. And just like your mechanic can pull the code to see what wrong with your car, your HVAC professional can do the same for your furnace.

Make ONE call

  • Some handy homeowners may try to troubleshoot this one themselves with the help of the internet, but we recommend that you start with professionals here.
  • Not only can our pros easily diagnose your beeping furnace, they’re also ready to make the repair and have things back to normal in no time at all.

Regular Maintenance

All of the problems above are both common and generally easy to fix. More importantly, they’re often easy to prevent through regular maintenance.

Now is the time to get your comfort system serviced to ensure that you don’t experience any hiccups in the coming season. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your heat will work when you need it to, it also extends the life of your unit.

Now, it’s easier than ever to keep your systems running their best with the ONE Service Pros Preferred Plan. When you become a Preferred customer, you’ll receive regular maintenance, get bumped to the front of the line for service calls, and enjoy discounts on repairs that may pop up. You can even expect to see some exclusive member deals throughout the year. Click here to check out all the benefits – including how to get one month FREE!

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