4 Benefits of a New Heat Pump in Sevierville, TN

Are you considering updating your home’s HVAC system? The fluctuating temperatures throughout the year in Sevierville, TN, can wreak havoc on your heater and air conditioner, forcing the need for a new system. Read on to learn the benefits of a installing a new heat pump.

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

Contrary to the name, a heat pump isn’t just used to heat a home. This system can both heat and cool your house. The mild winters in this area make a two-in-one heating and cooling system a much better option than getting an air conditioner and furnace.

Increase Energy Efficiency

New heat pumps use the air outside of your home and a small amount of electricity to control the climate in your home. When you install a new heat pump, your energy efficiency improves, which lowers your energy bills. Heat pumps are much more efficient at heating a house than furnaces.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A heat pump combines the air outside your home with the air inside it to heat and cool it. This leads to much cleaner air all the time because the particulate in your home is cycled out with the outside air. If you combine this feature with quality air filters and purifiers, your home will have cleaner air than ever before. Remember to change your heat pump’s filter every 30-90 days to protect your indoor air quality.

Enjoy Quieter Operation

New heat pumps run much more quietly than older HVAC systems and models. If your HVAC system has been having issues with being noisy, a new pump could be the way to remedy this issue.

If you want to experience any of these benefits, get a heat pump installed by ONE Service Pros. We’re here to help you with all your indoor climate control needs.

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