Debunking 3 Common HVAC Thermostat Myths in Seymour, TN

Thermostats are the centerpiece of every efficient HVAC unit and provide better indoor comfort. Despite their use for decades, many misconceptions about these devices still fly around Seymour, TN. This post will highlight and debunk three common HVAC thermostat myths.

Cranking Makes Cooling and Heating Faster

A common rumor in Seymour is the cranking of thermostats helps attain desired temperatures faster. Unfortunately, the HVAC system doesn’t work using that logic. The concept behind the HVAC system ensures even heating or cooling of the home.

Cooling or heating happens at a constant rate depending on the model of the HVAC units. It implies that the blower fans rotate at the same speed despite the settings. Nevertheless, extreme configurations end up using more energy without attaining desired goals.

You Can Place the HVAC Thermostat Anywhere

The location of the thermostat significantly impacts the performance of your HVAC unit. Ideally, you should place the device in zones where you spend the most time. For instance, an interior wall in the living room. Avoid drafty areas near vents, registers, heat-emitting appliances and walls receiving direct sunlight.

One Thermostat is Sufficient for All Homes

All homes can benefit from having multiple thermostats, particularly those still using traditional devices. Multiple thermostats give homeowners more control, better comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Installing an HVAC zoning system has been a trendy topic in recent years, where users can cool or heat different spaces. A single modern smart thermostat can control the temperatures of various rooms through multiple sensors. Below are the benefits of adopting smart zoning systems.

  • Works perfectly for homes with multiple levels.
  • Eliminates hot and cold spots.
  • Easy integration with existing HVAC systems.
  • Pay only for the energy you need.

Hiring a competent HVAC service technician will help you avoid unnecessary costs and guarantee the longevity of your unit. To learn more about heating and air conditioning systems, contact ONE Service Pros today.

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