Differences Between Single- and Variable-Speed AC Systems

If you’re going to purchase a new air conditioner for your home in Knoxville, TN, know that you have several options. One thing to think about is whether you want a single-speed air conditioner or a variable-speed AC system. Read on to discover the differences between single- and variable-speed AC systems and which is more energy-efficient.

Single-Speed Air Conditioners

A single-speed, or single-stage, air conditioner runs at one constant speed. You simply switch it on, it runs until it reaches the temperature on your thermostat and it shuts down at that point. These are the traditional sort of air conditioners, and one positive is that they cost less than the more advanced variable-speed AC systems.

Variable Speeds and Energy Savings

A variable-speed AC system can run at different speeds, and more importantly, it can slow down or speed up during the cycle itself. So rather than switch on and off to cool your home, it can slow down and cut down airflow when it’s about to reach your set point and speed up when the temperature rises again.

Most of these air conditioners are quiet, so the almost continual operation won’t bother you. Above all, variable-speed AC systems save you money, whereas single-speed air conditioners use more energy by always running at 100% capacity. Start-up always puts a lot of wear on a system, so single-speed air conditioners tend to need more repairs in the long run.

Variable Speeds and Indoor Air Quality

By running more frequently, variable-speed AC systems are more effective at removing humidity from the home. This prevents the growth of biological contaminants, which can adversely affect your health.

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