Is Your Heat Pump Crying for Help Because It Needs Repair?

You don’t want to leave your heat pump in Knoxville, TN, crying out for help. We mean that literally, too. While a heat pump will naturally make some humming or buzzing sounds due to the electrical components, it should not emit loud, disturbing noises. The following are some noises that clearly indicate a problem with your system:

Hissing or Gurgling

One or the other indicates an air bubble in the refrigerant line, which means there’s a leak. You don’t want refrigerant to escape because your system won’t transfer heat as effectively and will perhaps overheat in the process. As a result, it won’t work as it should.

Groaning or Screeching

The compressor is going bad if you hear this. Compressors circulate the refrigerant between the air handler and compressor. Address this issue right away.


In the case of grinding, the motor bearings may need cleaning and lubrication. Or the motor wheel may have gone bad. The blower fan belt may have become loose, too. Don’t wait to schedule a heat pump repair right away.

Rattling and Banging

These point to some loose component, perhaps a loose screw or a loose panel. Banging will occur when two metal components begin to hit each other, such as a panel against a fan blade. With continual maintenance, you can avoid the problem of loose components, not to mention many of the issues outlined above.

Is your heat pump making strange sounds? Don’t wait for the problem to fix itself. Contact ONE Service Pros today for your next heat pump service right away. We provide a one-year guarantee on all our work. You can depend on us to deliver excellent long-lasting repairs rather than putting a bandage on the issue. We’re available 24/7 with no additional charge for emergency heat pump repair service.

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