ONE Service Pros Love Outdoor Lighting Projects

We take pride in helping customers improve look and feel, as well as function.

Outdoor spaces are important to us all, perhaps now more than ever. Projects that we have booked this season at ONE Service Pros show us that all eyes are on the yard, porch, and garden. It seems that homeowners can’t act quickly enough to transform their personal recreation space with ideas inspired by time spent at home.

Outdoor lighting done well appeals to just about everyone: homeowners, prospective buyers, as well as business owners and their customers. Completing your lighting project now means added enjoyment for your entire summer.

Electricians at ONE Service Pros are excited to partner with customers around East Tennessee to bring your ideas to life. New outlets can mean neatly hung string lights around the deck without the eyesore and tripping hazard of unsightly extension cords. Perhaps a new addition to your property or fresh landscaping has inspired you to extend additional electrical options into the backyard. Adding outlets now means by winter, the possibilities for holiday decor are now greatly expanded.

With outdoor lighting, even small projects can make a noticeable impact. If your project finds you running away with your imagination, we’ll grab our trencher and install that new lamppost for curb appeal or add ground lighting to maximize safety on your walking paths.

ONE Service Pros is here this spring, as always, to make both practical and aesthetic improvement projects come to life!

Let’s Make it ONE Bright Summer:

For Beauty

Ambient lights along the fencing, overhanging porches and archways in your garden will bring Pinterest-worthy scenes to your very own yard. Something as basic as a new outlet is an affordable way to bring more possibilities to you as you design your great escape.

For Outdoor Entertainment

Create a sanctuary to experience your yard in new ways, making your entire home and garden feel more special. ONE Service Pros can be called for repairs and installs of new lighting or to run power to new spots you’d like to illuminate outside.

For Home Security

Flood lighting can be installed in only a couple of hours, bringing heightened security to you by making your property unappealing to criminals. For those also concerned about the safety of their small children and pets, motion activated products can scare away four-legged critters preying in evening hours, too.

For Safe Stepping

Uneven surfaces around your property can cause tripping hazards that become even more difficult to navigate safely in the dark or when disguised by fall leaves or winter snow. Consult with ONE Service Pros about improving the safety around your property with sharp-looking ground or posted lights.

Schedule a free estimate with ONE’s electric team by calling or fill out our online form. We look forward to visiting you this season.

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