Single- Versus Multi-Zone Ductless Air Conditioning

You’ve likely noticed a ductless air conditioner hanging on a wall inside a small corner store, restaurant or office. But ductless AC systems aren’t exclusive to these types of properties. Many residents in Seymour, TN, are opting for single- or multi-zone ductless air conditioning when replacing their HVAC systems. Read on to learn why.

Single-Zone Ductless AC

A single-zone ductless air conditioning system can cool one room inside a home or a studio apartment. Homeowners often install a single-zone ductless AC system when building a new home addition or converting a garage into a living space. Rather than paying to extend their central HVAC system’s ductwork, they opt for a single-zone ductless air conditioner installation.

Installing a ductless mini-split is easy and fast. All it requires is a small hole to connect the indoor air handler to the outdoor compressor. Your ductless mini-split will run and cool your living space in as little as a few hours. Mini-splits come in various styles, so you’ll be able to match yours with your home’s aesthetic.

Multi-Zone Ductless AC

Splitting your house into several climate control zones helps you save energy, money and the environment. With a central air conditioner, you have to cool the entire home to cool the room you’re occupying. That takes a lot of energy and money.

With a multi-zone ductless AC installation, you can install an indoor air handler with its own thermostat in various rooms around your house. That way, you can cool your bedroom at night during the summer without cooling your living room, kitchen and other areas. Everyone in your household will also enjoy their preferred temperature as long as there’s a mini-split in the room they’re occupying. You’ll also avoid paying to clean and repair ductwork.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Experts

Do you want to learn more about ductless air conditioning? Whether you’re considering a single- or multi-zone installation, we’re the team to call. Contact ONE Service Pros for all your ductless AC needs, including installations and repairs.

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