What to expect when replacing an HVAC system

Have your energy bills been increasing lately, but you haven’t changed the way you are heating or cooling your house? Are you hearing weird noises and smelling weird aromas? Have you been struggling to maintain the temperature you want in your house? Are you beginning to fear your house might be haunted? Think again! You might just be in need of a new HVAC system. If your furnace or air conditioner is 10 years or older that is a good sign it might be time to have your local HVAC tech come do an inspection.

Throughout this article we will cover everything that you will need to know including helpful tips so replacing your HVAC system won’t be haunting you anytime soon!

The Inspection and Estimate

Your local HVAC tech (like us here at ONE Service Pros) will come out to your home and inspect the unit and the way it operates. Depending on several factors during the inspection, your technician will either recommend you replace parts to make the system run efficiently again, or replace the system entirely. For furnaces this includes the vent system, air filter, air intake grilles, looking for blockages, cleaning the blower, and checking the amp draw of your motor. For air conditioners, filters are replaced, your coils and evaporator are examined, and your drain line and pan will be checked. In both cases, the communication between the system and your thermostat will also be looked over.

Before your tech comes out, it is recommended that you do your own research about different types of HVAC systems depending on your budget, the brand you would like, and the type of energy you want produced. High-end brands tend to run more efficiently, but cost more money. Having both your square-footage, and budget in mind prior to your inspection will give you peace of mind if a new system needs to be explored.

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Beyond the units themselves, your technician should discuss any upgrades to intakes and duct-work. Any inefficiencies in the distribution of your system will lower their life expectancy. What may feel like just a potential up-sell is in fact both a safety measure and cost-savings concern. Before your HVAC technician leaves your house after giving an estimate be sure to ask about any hidden fees. This might include the replacement price, removal of the old unit, additional material costs and a cleanup cost. Also, be sure to ask and understand the details of the warranty to know what you are already covered for.

The Replacement

The day has arrived for your HVAC replacement and now you are wondering what to expect. Before the repairmen arrives, be sure to move any valuable belongings for them in the area where the techs will be working. Be sure to put away any pets you may have as well, so they don’t get in the way and create a problem. Replacement of an HVAC system is a pretty big job and can range anywhere between 4 – 8 hours to complete!

The technicians begin by replacing the old equipment surrounding the unit. The techs may request access to the attic, crawl spaces, or basements — especially if you are having any duct work replaced that will help prolong the life of your system. The power will be cut to that area of the house to avoid any injury; remember safety first! Then any refrigerant will be removed, and the unit itself can be replaced. Depending on the system and your house you may have units both inside and outside, and additional work might be required such as wiring or replacing a piece of the circuit breaker. This should require an electrician. Lucky for you, here at ONE Service Pros we do both HVAC and electrical, so it’s covered during the job.

There is always a chance for complications to arise not seen until the techs begin the work. Damage to ducts and vents, rotten studs inside the walls that need replacing, electrical upgrades, or dry wall repairs can get in the way of a seamless installation. If any of these issues arise, the technician should alert you right away — let you know the next steps.

When the installation is done, the technician will test the product to make sure it is running efficiently. They will run a pressure and vacuum test before any refrigerant is added and then again after. When everything is operating properly and efficiently your installation is complete and you are ready to go with your new system!

Whether you’re just getting an inspection, or upgrading a system, ONE Service Pros will be happy to answer any questions… or set up an estimate for you. Just give us a call at 865.351.0241 and with that ONE call we can do it all!

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