Why Does My Furnace Keep Overheating in Sevierville, TN?

You’ll encounter many problems with an overheating furnace, especially in the winter. For instance, overheating can abruptly shut your entire heating system when you least expect it, exposing your loved ones to freezing winter temperatures. Keep reading for more information about why your furnace keeps overheating in Sevierville, TN.

Restricted Airflow

Poor airflow is among the most popular reasons your furnace is overheating. Often, dirty and clogged air filters can block airflow into your furnace.

The heating system will have a heavy workload to pull air in, making it overheat. We can schedule a maintenance visit for your furnace and replace dirty filters to improve your home’s efficiency.


Short-cycling is when your furnace turns on and off frequently, even before completing the heating cycle. Thus, the motors in your furnace get stressed out with the endless signaling to turn on and off. This causes them to overheat.

Often, short-cycling occurs if you’ve got a more oversized furnace than your home heat demands can handle. A defective thermostat can also cause short cycling in your furnace.

Mechanical Failure

Improper furnace maintenance can cause operational wear and tear on your furnace with time. After the critical components wear out, your furnace will become inefficient and start to overheat.

The blower fan and electrical wiring in your furnace experience excessive stress while the heating system operates. In most scenarios, these two will be the first to trigger the overheating problems in your furnace.

Old Age

On average, most furnaces have a service life of up to 20 years with routine check-ups and maintenance. As a furnace ages, it’ll decrease in efficiency and may start overheating a few weeks or months after occupying your new home.

We can inspect your furnace to determine its age and overall condition. If your furnace approaches the end of its service life, we recommend you consider options for acquiring a new heating system. Contact us at ONE Service Pros for furnace installation and maintenance services in Sevierville, TN.

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